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How to – project managment a la Web 2.0

I see a place for a tool or multiple tools bringing some of the Web 2.0 style to software development project management. At this point we are still using the good (now old) wiki for collaboration and project status monitoring (through project dashboard).

Over the holiday I made an attempt to structure one; composing it from multiple pieces.

This is how the project dashboard looks like:



  1. Use Netvibe (or other feed aggregator tool) as a dashboard
  2. Use 37Signals, Basecamp the on-line tool for running projects (to-dos, milestones, file sharing, messages)
  3. Create project blog for adding information about the project

Web 1.0 compatibility:

  • I had an unresolved issue with feeding information to the development wiki (Atlassian Confluence) – authentication

Would be nice:

  • Add Twitter
    • Useful when working from home (or on the way if hooked to cell phone)
    • I can use it to write project log or some points for a weekly report
  • Facebook look and feel:
    • Share Webex presentation/demo recordings, UI mock-up
    • Wall to wall communication
    • Cause – running initiatives/objectives outside a project
    • Poking
    • Build tools to support
  • Ning  -I’m yet to try this but if I got it right then:
    • Create network per project/initiative
    • Manage both Inner circle and Outer circle – Inner: dev+QA+PM+Tech Writer, Outer: Tech Support, Services, Sales (and pre)

Probably the shortest way to get there is if 37Signals will Web 2.0 their Basecamp application or maybe Atlassian wiki will step up but I don’t really care I just want to interact with my little social software development network in the same way I do with my friends.

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  1. Helmut
    December 27, 2007 at 8:54 pm

    You should really check Wrike out. The tool is based on a wiki-style collaboration – you and your team members can edit tasks just like in wiki, only there’s no need to remember all the syntax. You also get Gantt charts for yout projects and tasks. You can even use email for creating and updating tasks.

  2. kerendg
    December 27, 2007 at 10:37 pm

    Thank you for your comment and the reference. I will check it out (and maybe I will write something about it:)).

  1. January 21, 2008 at 8:31 pm

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