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Are you human? Not an easy question to answer these days!

It used to be clear and simple question to answer: are you human?. Now everywhere I go I need to prove that I’m human. And some times it is not that easy. I’m taking a little comic pause here from the “Stop looking at the bloger..” series and showing some of my recent experience proving my humanity.

Did you too see too many of those lately?


I signed up to reddit, a realy great service and one of this blog best trafic source, following the social crowd checking what they have to offer compare to del.icio.us. I tried to submit a blog post and then I realize that I need to have both good eye sight and luck to prove that I’m not a robot.

In the first attempt reddit system told me that I was too quick to be true – see:


Hovering over the image shows an interesting tool tip building my confidence even further:


In one of my persistent attempt the page prompt a compliment how my words are stinking. I could not reproduce this so I don’t have a picture. I just hope that you’ll fine me human enough to believe me.

To be fair, this only happen when I was using one of those buttons embedded inside a blog post. When I submitted a post from within the reddit website it was working fine.

Is there a better way proving my humanity? One that won’t challenge my built-in OCR algorithm? Maybe one day it will be inferior compare to the automated one? I don’t have a problem with email confirmation by the way.

  1. botchagalupe
    March 1, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    I agree Reddit should have made the list. I get it wrong at least 2 out of every 5 times.


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