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"Show me the money" Mr. Web 2.0

I keep having these arguments with the “others” about the real value of using Web 2.0 services. In saying Web 2.0 services I refer to social networking and bookmarking, content sharing, blogging, writing comments, podcasting, using sessmic,  twitter and more. Everywhere that you can have friends, followers or someone that you can follow.

What that I’m interest in is getting the questions below answered and if possible with some examples. If I get some good ones I will be tempted to post those in a a follow-up post.

I’m not looking for something like “Steve Ballmer is following me on Twitter” or “I beat Sergey Brin playing Scrabulous on Facebook”. It is not about having a lucrative network or high traffic blog. It is about the end result – gaining a real tangible value.

I hope that with your help I can finally stop this debate. So please – Show me the moneyUsingIT.


1. Did you get a new:

Job interview or offer, deal, invite to speak (for money)?

2. Did you sell more:

Product, services or ads?

3. Did you mange to get more participants coming to:

Paid event, seminar, party?

4. Did you get a new:

Date or a new meaningful relationship (a friend) outside the Web ?

5. Any other way to capitalize on the social digital world.

On the contrary: did you have a bad experience using these services?

I know that there are lots of other ways to enjoy this activity and I don’t dismiss the value of those. This time I’m looking for value that can be presented, quantify and is related directly to the new way of self marketing using social network.

Your help is crucial. Please use comment to answer.

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