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Notes from the little contact, friend or follower

I prefer to follow not to invite.

I joined LinkedIn some time ago. It was my first experience with a social network. I enthusiastically searched through all my contacts adding them to my growing network. So far so good.

I then started adding more and more services that offer the option to invite friends and share with them, you know, everything that runs on a computer.

I joined: Digg, delicious, Technorati, reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Plaxo and some I don’t even remember.

This is when it become hairy, it feels like I need to bug again and again people to get them on my network. So, I did not. And I don’t plan to.

I leave it for other people to ask me to be their friend or contact. I promise that I will always say yes to any invotation.

Sometime in the process of socializing me I found Twitter. This time it was a different model. No more invitation just a simple click on the “Follow” button and that’s it. No hassle no more hesitation. I like this.

What that is also nice is that if you follow someone he gets an email notification telling him who you are and most times he will start following you. So the network grows without breaking a sweat.

If you don’t want people to follow you (I would advice you not to go there in the first place)  or if you want people to ask you if they can follow you first, you can control that.

I don’t know what the result of Open Social discussion will come up with but I do know that what that Twitter guys offered works for me.

Could that be the reason why it so appealing?


  1. November 22, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    Keren, I agree with you 100%. And I think that is one of the reasons Twitter is quickly becoming the dominant social media network. It’s addictive, yes. But you don’t feel intrusive while feeding that addiction. The only drawback is the qwitters. But I can live with that if I don’t have to invite people. I will be tweeting this post too!

    Cheers, Craig Fisher (@fishdogs)

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