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Blog rank monitoring – 1st week results – tier2

This is the first week monitoring blogs’ progress using Technorati.

For full explanation about this mini-project see: Blog Rank Monitoring – prototype

Blogs in tier 2 are at the middle of the pack (rank between 10,000-99,999). Yet, these are the one to watch for promising upcoming great bloggers.

Here are the movers in tier2 for the week between 2/12/08-2/16/08 (this first one is a short monitoring week) .

Name category sub-category
authority change
Confused of calcutta Personal Misc 109 -4
Personal Branding Blog – Dan Schawbel Business Marketing 75 1
Being Peter Kim Business Marketing 365 5
Veronica Belmont Business Marketing 206 -3
Community Guy – Jake McKee Business Community 1390 13
Social Media Explorer Business Social media 2230 13
Wikinomics Business Social media 133 1
CubeMe Personal Design 1604 8
The Business and Politics of New Media (And the Podcast) – Profitable Podcasting Business Video 956 4
Bloggernista Personal Politics 574 -2
Sixty second interviews from pr, media and politics Business Social media 1674 -5
MegFowler Personal Misc 579 1
Dossy’s Blog Technology Software 4993 6
Freemania Personal Misc 2279 2
Micah Baldwin on Succeeding Through Failing: Startups and Entrepreneurship Business Misc 1387 1

The rest of the blogs in tier2 had no change.

As you can see the categories and sub-categories needs some work. Please feel free to correct me using comments.

The biggest mover up in this week was the sixtysecondview: Sixty second interviews from pr, media and politics blog.

The biggest mover down in this week was Dossy’s Blog.

Smaller moves (than in tier3) up or down are common in this tier but we can see next week if the trend continue for some of this week gainer.

One more view of this week results: Tier2-HeatMap

I will be happy to hear if you have suggestions or comments.

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