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The path to the top

I used the crawl method described here. This time the up crawl started from the Inside analytics blog. I was curios to see what will be the shortest path to the top.

The idea is to check in each step what blogs this blog has a chance to be visible to. By visibility I mean what blogs with higher rank and authority reacted in the past to one of the post posted by the examined blog.

I believe that armed with this information the blogger can find the right bloggers to interact with so they can propel his message as far as possible.

I started with a blog from the third tier one with rank above 100,000 and as you can see this blog can access blogs from the second tier after only two steps up and the first tier on the 8th step up.

The shortest path to the higher ranked blog is presented here:

0,Inside analytics,415686,20,2007-06-27
  2,The Copywriter Underground,47546,132,2008-02-14
   3,2k Bloggers: The Face of the Blogosphere,42394,146,2008-02-24
    4,Internet Lifesytle,40190,153,2008-02-27
     5,And the Legend Lives,30891,190,2008-02-25
       7,Lifecruiser Travel Blog,18159,282,2008-02-27
        8,Life in the Fast Lane,9061,473,2008-02-28
         9,Dumb Little Man,818,1842,2008-02-28
          10,Lifehacker, 7,16216,2008-02-28

From the same blog my crawler found few more path to top Technorati blogs – here is another example:

0,Inside analytics,415686,20,2007-06-27
  2,The Copywriter Underground,47546,132,2008-02-14
   3 2k Bloggers:The Face of the Blogosphere,42394,146,2008-02-24
    4,Internet Lifesytle,40190,153,2008-02-27
      5,And the Legend Lives,30891,190,2008-02-25
       6,Fil-Am Gallery,27355,208,2008-02-27
        7,My so-called-life…,25254,220,2008-02-25
         8,Bisdak Footprints,21958,243,2008-02-25
           10,A Blog For All,13913,346,2008-02-28
            11,DBKP:Worldwide Leader in Weird,11511,394,2008-02-28
             12,Blogger News Network,3149,903,2008-02-28
              13,Machinist – Salon.com,2476,1050,2008-02-28
                 15,Geekologie – Gadgets,1146,1579,2008-02-28
                  16,MAKE: Blog,742,1934,2008-02-28

This one is not the shortest path but it is also depends where do you want to go. In both cases we ended up in blogs about gadgets and technology but what if you’re aim is blogs about marketing, video streaming or fashion?

For a full crawl log see this file: Inside-Analytics – Crawl – 2-28-08 log

By the way, it took a while to complete this crawl:)

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