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Bloggers clustering

There are different ways to organize blogs. The most common one is by category. Technorati offer this in here, so does Blogged and a list of others in here. They use directories for categories and subcategories to organize blogs in an hierarchical way.

The reason for organizing blogs into directories by the topic they cover is to be able to find them this way. The most typical user story is to look for blogger that writes about a a specific topic.

Google on the other hand don’t use directories and let you find blogs using a word or phrase. The advance option in Google Blog Search let you filter the results by URL, Author, Date and Language.

Technorati’s Advanced search also let you search by word, phrase and tags. It also let you find links to a given URL (nice).

I found it hard to find blogs no matter if I use the directory or the text search methods. In both ways I get too big of a results list. The current option to filter (by Author, Date and Language or Tag) is not helping much either.

I would like to suggest few more ways to find blogs and bloggers. Once the topic/category is selected the next step is to filter the results by one or more of the following options:

  • Post measures
    • # of post reactions
    • # of time dugged, saved in social bookmarking tools
    • # of comments
    • Duration of the discussion (comments)
  • Blog Measures
    • Technorati rank and authority
    • Google page rank
    • Traffic
    • Feed subscribers
  • Blogger
    • # of followers in Twitter
    • # of contact, friends in certain Social Network – Wikipedia has an exhaustive list here
    • Related to – e.g. in someone’s network (1st, 2nd and 3rd degree)
    • Reaction from certain blogs- e.g. blogger got reaction from TechCrunch
    • Group, Association
    • Awards
    • Offline activities
    • Geographic
    • Preferred media: text, audio, video
    • Personality type
      • Psychological – there is a small startup in Sweden that is making great progress clustering bloggers by their psychological profile using AI and Jungian functions i.e. looking at some of the MBTI-types (Sensing/Intuition and Thinking/feeling) and Keirsey Temperaments. If you like to learn more go to: Prfekt. The results are amazing and I just wish I could read the entire article (it is written in Swedish). I got some explanation from Mattias Östmar.
      • Perceived as: leader, imaginative, inspiring, expert, fun, funny and etc…
    • Patterns
      • On the rise – the blog’s measures are on an up trend
      • Switching media – going from text to video (this is a marketing opportunity)
      • Switching social network – attrition
      • Spike in activity – “hot potato” – e.g. How to save money running a startup (17 really good tips) (156 comments) and Michael Arrington response here (as of now 217 comments).

Most of this information could be gathered automatically and some could only be added interactively but having it in the The Blogsphere system of record could help to support finding a refined list of bloggers and blogs than it is possible today using directories or text search.

Why to find blogs and bloggers that falls in one cluster or another is a good question. I think that it is valuable just for the reason that there are so many of them.  In my opinion there is a business need for it too. I will be happy to hear if you think so too or not. What is your experience finding blogs and bloggers?

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