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Somewhere over the tag cloud…


Some blogs relay more than their content.

Some blogs emits all sort of personality characteristics.

Sometime you can get a hint about it from the tag cloud yet in most cases it is not there to be found. It is beyond the tag cloud. It is only after reading several posts on this blog and comments that you know what kind of experience to expect. It is as if you can predict how the “engagement” will feel like and what kind of “taste” it will leave you with after.

My first examples is TechCrunch. This is an excellent blog about start-up companies and technology .

Techcrunch - top tags


As you can see from the tag cloud the focus is on product’s and company’s profiles. What that you don’t see/feel is the tone, the ambition, the culture of hard working (the sweat), how competitive this blog is, the “ready to fight” stance, and more.

Yet, after reading this blog for sometime I know what to expect when I go there.

One interesting fact is, and maybe is the key in here, that you get a lot of these feeling not just from the blog post but from the comment section. It is how the communication between the readers and the writer going on that reveals it. If you want to get a quick demonstration go read Surviving the Net by Steve Gillmor  – read the comment section too to see what that I’m talking about.

Maybe if there was a tag cloud for the comments section we could see/feel the blog in its entirety.

My second example is Chris Brogan another excellent blog and blogger.

ChrisBrogan Top Tags

From the tag cloud you can see the focus on social media promotion for business. You can get a hint about the personality from the howto tag. Chris is willing to share a lot of his knowledge and educate the rest of us about the trade. You can also see that he cares about writing by looking at the writing and the article tags. Yet these are just hints and I looked for them knowing what to expect after reading this blog for a while now.

In this blog, too, the comment section reveals the crowd that is lured to this blog and the communication style. I always leave this blog with “good taste” in my mouth. 

I could provide some more examples but I think that you get the point. Some blogs takes away energy from you while providing important information in return. Some blogs charge you with both energy and valuable information and some blogs are great to “cuddle” with.

I don’t know if there is a way to mark it (personality tag) or search for it. If there is I can only suggest not to avoid looking at the comment section in this kind of analysis. Maybe these guys from Sweden (Jon Kågström and Mattias Östmar from PRfekt) with their attempt to analyze blogger’s personality will find the answer.

For now we can only share this with others using social network tools like Twitter, FriendFeed, Plurk and the rest.

Please share your examples it  in the comment section.

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