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Six month check-up – large knowledge gain and some changes!

After 6 month of blogging I decided that I want to continue doing it so I took one small step forward.

I purchased a new domain www.webnomena.com that is now redirected to my blog on WordPress hosting service. I changed the blog’s name from UsingIT to Webnomena (Web Phenomena) because I think that it is more consistent with my writings (you can guess that Webnomenon.com was taken).  I will continue sharing my observations about what that I think is happening in the web world with the focus on search engines, monitoring tools and the blogsphere.

At this time in my life I don’t find the time yet to “decorate” my blog or taking care of the hosting myself. I love to do so and the limitation using WP hosting service are a real drag (no iFrame, no Flash) yet I prefer to spend my time exploring the web and blogging. 

Few things that I learned in the past 6 month:

  • About blogging:
    • Blogging is learning – since I started I learned a ton about companies, products and technologies.
    • Blogging is helping me at my work – when looking for a new “skin” for the web app I now expect nothing less than Web 2.0 look and feel (lots of Java Scripts). Netvibe is an inspiration.
    • Blogging is fun – through this blog I had a chance to talk with people all over the world.
    • I can’t blog from the air  – I need to play, explore, interact, develop to come up with new posts.
    • Treat comment like blog post! – The power of a good comment is amazing. A good comment stands out. I spend the same amount of time for writing a single comment as I do for writing blog post.
    • I’m not an artist – I don’t write like some of the great bloggers/writer out there. I just hope that you will find the ideas and information on this blog usefully.
  • About searching.
    • We have plenty of new tools to find information – things that it took me long time to find, I later discovered more than once, were saved by lots of other people on del.icio.us. Some of the others you can find in this post I wrote recently: Is there a way around Google?
    • The business world is not really here yet – I think that there is a need for monitoring tools and analytics showing where the right places to deliver your messages are. I think that there is a place for a tool that will help PR and Marketing. A tool that will constantly gather information that can turn into action (actionable). Internet Marketing is not just Web Analytics. I did not see a company/tool that mash it yet. I’m not aware of an enterprise that use a tool like this.
  • About the web
    • Empowerment is one of the keys to viral adoption – see blogging, wikis and comments, rating and annotation, twitter following model vs. friends request,  Seesmic, Qik and video streaming from the phone to the web, API/Web services and mashups. Give people the power and they’ll use it!
    • What is the very next things? – let’s see if 6 month is enough to ask these questions.
      • Is it location aware social networks and search technologies? – the kick off is July 11th?
      • Is it Video in addition to photos transmitted from the cell phone to the web? – I was actually never excited about taking pictures from my mobile phone (the rest of the world was). I’m very excited about shooting videos and transmitting them in real-time to the web. It is not cheap yet, work well only using Wi-Fi and not when using the network but same as with blogging it empowers every on of us to become a filed journalist. I think that we will see more Qik like web sites proliferating or integrating with existing social networks.
      • Will Adobe Air take off? – this will help web developers to play on the desktop. I’m curios to know if accompanies with existing products considering this technology for a re-write.  


Now it is your turn…


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