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What Did Cuil change?

Google for many people is the bleeding edge technlogy company. The place where the best engineers and scholars work or wish to work at.

1. At this point it is hard to see a scenario where Cuil wins over Google but in my mind they did change something. Their indexing technology and scalability seems to make Google’s look old, wasteful, and maybe even obsolete. I don’t know if this is actually true because a lot of people were disappointed from Cuil’s search results so far, yet this could be a relevance problem and not indexing related. So, in my mind Cuil’s accomplishment so far is putting a certain question mark around Google’s technology and perception.

2. When I was asking Is there a way around Google? I did not think about the options that someone will seriously consider to battle with Google on the index size front. I thought that if you can find a cheap data source to index and prove your technology then this is the right course of action. You can’t not admire what Cuil is doing. Cuil degraded the force of intimidation that Google had and created a crack (small) in one of their barriers to entry. I see more to come…

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