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Twhirl and Trending topics – bringing both lifestreaming and web-now to my desktop

The reason that I’m using Twhirl and not Twitter web page is similar to the reason why people are using install desktop applications for instant messaging, we need it right here and now, working asynchronously. I don’t want to keep on looking for my Twitter home page or keep pressing F-5.

What that is great about Twitter (it almost feel corny to write another post about it, don’t you think?) is that conversation sparks quickly and spread wide and far. See these two examples from Twitscoop: #thewaywewere and surname.¬†

Twhirl is an Adobe Air application; a lightweight desktop client using Twitter API for getting and sending Twitter status updates, replies and direct messages. I know that there are many other similar applications out there but so far Twhirl seems to do a good job for me. Twhirl was acquired by Seesmic another interesting lifestreaming service few months ago. A great move by Loic Lemeur, Seesmic CEO.

Here are three suggestions for getting additional information on to my desktop via Twhirl:

  1. Twitter search Trending topics – this will help keeping me in the loop. Lately, I go to this page almost every day some times even more than once for my web-now treat. If you want to stay current on the day’s agenda all you got to do is to take a quick peek at this list. In some cases you’ll need to drill down to the conversation itself for better understanding of the context, but it takes reading only few updates to get it. One option is to mashup Twitter + TwitScoop. This combination¬†brings to your desktop not just the Trending topics but also the volume and duration of the conversation around them. Just think about how a small change like this can get more people and quicker riding new waves of conversations.
  2. The number of followers – sounds trivial but it is something that I check occasionally and still have to go to my Twitter(kerendg) home page for getting this information. Twhirl Friends/Followers page is a good place to put it.
  3. Please make the @ and envelop buttons in different colors when I have an answer or direct message (red or green would work fine). I can mark them as read (for you to turn it back off).

To sum up this short post : Twhirl brings immediacy to microblogging. I barely install new software on my laptop these days (my OS loves me for that). Twhirl is an exception for two reasons:

  • The name AIR (fantastic choice of a word by Adobe) implies something light and transparent (vs. windows application/thick client).
  • I need it as close to real-time as possible.

So, bottom line is that I count on it to deliver more information supporting my lifestreaming and web right now experience using Twitter.

  1. August 19, 2008 at 4:23 am

    thanks for your suggestions and love for Twhirl.

  1. August 19, 2008 at 1:23 am

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