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BlogMon now reports when your blog gets to the top

If you want to know about BlogMon please read my BlogMon – The only way is up! post. You can find daily updates on Twitter @BlogMon.  You can also see periodically aggregated results reported on The A-List tab, Archive tab, and Perfect Record tab.

I was very happy to see this week that @BlogMon passed the 50 followers mark. This is great consider the fact that it does not follow others.

I recently added new pattern looking for blogs that cross tiers. Based on Technorati rank I look for blogs that cross to the top: 10000, 1000, 100, and 10.

Here is an example of an update to the @Blogmon Twitter account reporting this change:

#CrossToTop10000, http://thecurvature.com , Owner: Cara, Gain:47.70 %, Since:9/16/2008, Rank:9961, Tags:”misogyny”,”patriarchy”

This pattern was fairly easy to implement and the only challenge was dealing with Technorati data abnormalities. From time to time the rank is totally off, like in the following scan records for wpthemesplugin:

Date Rank
5/4/2008 580
5/4/2008 565
5/4/2008 558
5/12/2008 1335
5/20/2008 1343
7/9/2008 442

For now, I solved it by looking for the previous minimal rank for comparison and not just using to the last one.

I think that it should be very exciting to be listed on the top X blogs. This is definitely a milestone to report on.

So, I hope to see you at @BlogMon. You can submit your blog for monitoring going to BlogMon home page or by following @BlogMon on Twitter.

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