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Blogging for AltSearchEngines and the quest behind the search

Alts Lately, I’m spending more and more of my time on the neighbor’s court than on mine . I’m looking at some of the alternative search engines out there and then write my observations on AltSearchEngines blog. I do plan to write more here and I have a backlog of post waiting to be written, yet…

I like to participate writing for AltSearchEngines blog for multiple reasons. First, becuase there is a great mission behind this blog. Alts is helping the small start-ups which are taking on such a challenging tasks like: organizing infinite amount of information on the web, finding relevant results, building interactive web-sites, fighting on traffic from Google and tons of other alternative search engines. I also like the stage, ASE gets way more traffic than my humble little blog. It is also new for me to write with other team members and Alts has a dream team. I’m learning a lot, I had an opportunity to examine the traffic on ASE using Google Analytics.  AltSearch engine is ranked by Alexa in the top 100,000 blogs. It  is very different looking at ASE, a blog with tones of traffic and multi contributors, than looking at a small single owner blog like mine. When you have that kind of rich data you can actually find interesting patterns and then to come up with suggestions for improving readers’ engagement. I’m also learning a lot from Charles Knight a professional blogger, smart, and kind fellow.

Here are my posts on Alts:

  • Some of my thoughts about SemantiFind were used on this post.
  • I wrote a post about a new social search engine under development in both Seoul, Korea and Austin, TX, Tusavvy. Here is a recent press release from Tusavvy posted on AltSearchEngines where they announce that they are going into beta.
  • I lately asked if LinkedIn should  buy Twellow? Both services help finding people and keeping up with career changes. Twellow provides real-time pulse checking from different industries because it is build on top of Twitter and I though that Twellow can add some color to the corporate grayness of LinkedIn.

I’m not sure about my level of participation at AltSearchEngine going forward but for now I enjoy being part of something bigger than a blog and blog post. Traffic, and money are all important and I like to see growth in each one of them going forward one way or another, but building new relationships, learning (a ton) and helping small companies has it charm too.

My biggest revelation about blogging, in the 10 month that I’m doing it, is that my blog become the door to multiple communities and exciting opportunities. At this point, I get far more satisfaction seeing new Twitter follower, friend’s invitation request, or new comment on my blog post (no matter where it is posted at) than more page views.

In these times when making money from blogging is questionable but blogging is in your blood I think that it is best to focus on other ways for blogging contributing to both the community and your personal development.

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    Great comments; thanks

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