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Blogmon selection – the best blogs in 2008


I’ve been running Blogmon since February 2008. You can find more information about this micro service here. In essence it is capable of monitoring blogs and bloggers progress using the Technorati data over time(rank mainly).

Blogmon-updtaesMost time we can easily find the top bloggers out there but there are many great bloggers in the middle of the pack or beginners that are marching quickly up the blogsphere. I hope that Blogmon is helping in exposing the rapid movements and progress of few bloggers out there. I some time view it as my own dynamic Favorites that is occasionally reminding me of blogs that are worth more visits. I’m happy to share it with you.

In 2008 Blogmon monitored over 1,000 blogs, some were discovered by me or shared by friends through Twitter and other Social Networks, and others pragmatically by crawling the web. The service reported 658 updates (as of today) through Twitter @Blogmon account along with information about their progress over the year.

Here are Blogmon’s 10 best bloggers for 2008:

Blog Blogger Baseline Rank Current Rank Gain from Baseline
Startup Meme – Technology Startup and Latest Tech News Bilal Hameed 1,910,875 11,089 99.4%
Parenting ideas from dads – dad-o-matic Founded by the legendary Chris Brogan and authored by friends 1,943,068 29,490 98.5%
Doug Haslam Doug Haslam 1,072,771 18,984 98.2%
Reflections of Time Milton Chai 4,978,471 93,172 98.1%
Cool Mom Guide Julie maloney 1,546,784 44,421 97.1%
Enter the Octopus Matt Staggs 736,965 24,853 96.6%
The Lessnau Lounge – Finding the American dream John Lessnau 605,911 32,945 94.6%
Six Revisions – Web Development and Design Information Jacob Gube 17,159 939 94.5%
ToastedRav ToastedRav Staff 1,245,176 93,172 92.5%
Social media PR from Press Release PR owner Danny Brown Danny Brown 1,286,970 103,392 92.0%

I have one more super excellent blog on Blogmon top list – yes, good guess:)  Since Chris is well known (yet still is working very hard as you can see below) I wanted to allow room for one more new blogger that is storming up the blogsphere. Yes, Danny it is you – keep the good work going.

Social media business strategy and more Chris Brogan 1,512 61 96.0%

The idea behind Blogmon is monitoring progress. Most time you can only see a snapshot of the current state not telling about the direction (up, down or stagnant). Blogmon keeps historical information and can compute both the speed and direction (velocity) with the intention of exposing talented hard working bloggers before everybody else knows about them.

Happy new year and have a great #bl09ing year!

Anyway, for a better 2009 (the Creed One lyrics)

  1. December 29, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    Great stuff, thanks for doing this!

  2. Keren Dagan
    December 29, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    @Ian, thank you and thanks to the great team at Technorati keeping the blogsphere system of record.

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