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Happy New Year from Webnomena!

What I’m thankful for in 2008Boston-longfellow-bridge

  1. Social networks – for all the new friends, fans and follower that I now have and for being able to become one for others.
  2. Social mediaWordPress, other great blogging platforms and tools – can you imagine life without being able to generate content by/for yourself?
  3. For all the interesting web phenomena
  4. Twitter is working fine for a while now – we only complain when it didn’t work, so it is just fair to say thank you for fixing it.
  5. For all the great API and web services out there giving infinite mashup possibilities
  6. Google, the Alts and smart friends; getting questions answered by Twitter friends
  7. Google Docs  – my preferred way for working sharing guest posts
  8. Many excellent bloggers – there are so many lists out there now including mine from Blogmon
  9. For being a beta tester – thanks to all the new web apps and tool that inspired me this year.
  10. For anti-viruses, spam catchers, spyware cleaners and improving OS security (I hope)
  11. The election is over and America chose new president.

What I’m wishing for in 2009

  1. More of that same things that I’m thankful for this year:)
  2. Continue building online (and in some cases offline) relationships
  3. Easier and better content creation tools using the media of choice
  4. Doing less log-ins
  5. Clicking less for getting what that we are looking for and want to accomplish on the web
  6. Guest posts – in and out
  7. Scaling social interactions – not leaving message, email, tweet, comment, or review unanswered.
  8. Twitter Search in Twitter (or Twhirl) – or alternatively TweetDeck support for multiple accounts including FriendFeed – basically, single Twitter desktop client with all the needed functionality to support this life streaming and web-now.
  9. Better search capabilities for watching TV shows online – geared for real-time and personalized. I yet to see one that does it in Google quality.
  10. Kindle price to go down (closer to $100)
  11. One charger fit all – MP player, cellphone, laptop, you name it – or single portable device that does most of it well.
  12. Saying Happy New Year to all the friends, fan and followers from a single point
  13. And yes, world peace.


The Boston Longfellow bridge picture is from the beautiful Ron Shoshani photo stream. I love this view and crossing that bridge.

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