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Podcamp4 – a sense of urgency!?

time-is-running-out I had a great time at Podcamp4 Boston yesterday but I left it with some sense of urgency. I can’t write now a long post explaining each point in detail because I’m running out of time leaving for my vacation so for now I will leave these points short and simple for you to think about.

Urgency for what?

  • To start branding yourself today in order to mitigate near future economical and social changes.
  • To get into social networks now while you still have access to business leaders, and influencers before they shut you off.
  • To collect data that may not be there tomorrow:
    • Network data – your contacts database
    • Conversation – targeted conversational data (taged)
    • Brand related – what people are saying about you, your company, and product

Self branding – with population growing old and poor you need to take care of your future career now before it is too late. Read about self branding here.

Access – you can still chat and build relationships with CEOs and influencers on Twitter and Facebook. Yet, I do see examples of people stepping back from this open fall all policy.

The Data

  • Depth of data – I built few tools for searching Twitter using Twitter Search API and I keep seeing the guys at Twitter shortening the duration that you can query back for (less than two weeks back).
  • Another thing is that you don’t want to become too dependent on digital network as the only way to access your contacts. What if it is down for a day or two (or more)?

There is no better time than now to start participating. Your thoughts?

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