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Amazon web site could be more social

socially-challenged Amazon is one of the technology leaders of our era. Amazon leads in  eCommerce, Web services, Cloud Computing. Now, Amazon is about to revolutionize the way that people reads books with its Kindle eReeder (I have one and am loving it). Amazon owns the biggest electronic book library out there with more than 350,000 titles. This is the company that was the web 1.0 symbol bringing collaborate filtering to eCommerce and allowing third parties to sell via Amazon’s web site. amazonassociates is one of the best affiliate marketing program out there arming its affiliate marketer with great information and tools for earning commission from product sold on Amazon web site.

Yet, looking at Amazon web site in compare to newer web sites it seem as if if sharing and user engagement is not a priority. Amazon’s web site does not provide what that is knows as web 2.0 look and feel.


Blogs, web-sites, social networks, micro blogging tools all have today one or two ways for sharing information:

  • Share out – by sharing content from the web site with the rest of the world via social networks, social bookmarking, life feed and more. This could be done using widgets like addthis button, RSS feed, built-in twitter, friendfeed and others sharing buttons (social toolbar).
  • Share in or across – by aggregating discussions from multiple websites and blogs into social networks using widget like disqus, intensedebate, Facebook Connect and others.

Amazon does offer to share out via email, twitter, facebook, delicious, and MySpace but it is done via link to another pop-up window. Other web sites offers large enough buttons for one click sharing content. It is better to add the social buttons right there on the page and to separate those  from the old way of sharing via email.

Amazon does provide a way to start discussions but only among people that are on that web site and there is no way for bringing relevant discussion from other forums, and social networks – there is no share in or across.

I recently read this quote on If you like it, tell a friend… blog post.  It was trying to explain the phenomenon of dwindling books reviews on Amazon.

People no longer feel the need to comment on blogs, Amazon, etc. b/c they can recommend or comment on their Facebook pages where their own intimates will know what they think and how they feel. Their compulsion to share is satiated.

So where are my friends? They are not on Amazon website! They are on Facebook, Twitter and another dozen social networks.

Amazon website seems today like it went half way towards becoming social. In a web2.0 world, we got use to share In and Out easily. We use to follow discussions from one online service to another.

I think that the question is how can Amazon bring all the great product reviews and blog comments out there into its website? How will they be able to reconnect fragmented information that can help people to make their purchase decisions. I want my friends opinion! Are we going to see Amazon Connect? Maybe by making small improvements and bringing some of the social tools listed above to its web site, Amazon will increase user’s engagement and bring more relevant content in.

Amazon and Real-time (web 3.0)? Well that’s another blog post:)


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