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How to: watch Avatar and enjoy it

Last week I went to see Avatar. I noticed that there are different reactions to this movie, so I decided to help the few people that did not like it to reconsider. I also like to help the minority that did not see it yet but could miss enjoying it due to having the wrong expectations or focus.

The basics:

  • Go for the 3D option or consider 3D IMAX theatre. I saw it in 3D and it was just great. It felt more live and in a movie that the major focus is on treating your visual senses 3D is the frosting on the cake. I did not get any headache or noseache from the glasses, even after 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Popcorn and large soda
  • A couple of good like minded friends (action, sci fi, geeky taste)

Setting the right expectations

The Story

The Avatar story is compelling. It is loaded with all the familiar elements including love/jealousy , good/bad, power/mind, corporate and greed vs. nature and science, brutality vs. diplomacy, character transformation and maturity, the chosen one, nature harmony, you name it.  The way I saw it is that the story was just an excuse to move the camera from one vivid scenery to another.

The setup

The movie is beautiful, the people are beautiful, the Na’vi people are elegant and charming, the Pandora planet is one exotic experience that is challenging our color spectrum absorption skills to the max. The fluorescent colors of the land, water, flora and fauna along with the wild landscape that defies gravity stayed with me long after the movie was done. Even few days after,I wanted more. Addictive?


I longed for Ripley from the Aliens series. Sigourney Weaver was there but her leadership, the “I’ve seen it all”, condescending, some time depressed, but most of all “the women of steel and wisdom” act was not there. The cigarette smoking did not cut it for me. I don’t blame her for this. The story did not allow it. The story was not centered around Dr. Grace Augustine (her part) this time. It does not take away from this movie though, I’m just setting the right expectations for the people that noticed her name on the cast list before going to the movie.  In a way it was the second Aliens when Ripley’s true leadership manifested, so who knows, maybe it will still happen in the sequel (resurrection is not out of Hollywood realm of possibilities).


Avatar is a beautiful creation and I don’t care about his creator’s ego, language or history. In my mind it does take the movie industry to a new level.  So, when you go and see it make sure that you focus on the right elements of this media this time. Go!

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