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On a blogging break – playing with Google App Engine

GoogleAppEngine I took my head out of Twitter and I’m taking a short break from blogging. I’m playing with Google App Engine. So far Google‘s documentation is very helpful so getting started was fairly strait forward.

Here are my ramp-up tasks:

  • Read through the Getting Started section
  • Ramped up on Python – very cool and easy to use scripting language
  • I learned to JSON using simplejson– it works nicely with python
  • I’m now adopting new Web Framework django for Python
  • And I’m getting up to speed with a new data storage concept

All are great technologies.

I’m also testing the PyDev plugin for using eclipse IDE to develop for Google App engine – here are the instructions – so far so good.

Useful links:

Google App Engine and misc


If you have additional useful links relevant to the technologies listed above please let me know.

*I plan to update the additional useful sources from time to time as I find more content

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